Sue's story:

"Hi Dennis, this is way out there but I was wondering if there is a site (military SISIP) where I could post this..Our daughter and fiancé are finalist in Win A Magic Wedding through our local radio station, here on Prince Edward Island. Their video was made by her Sister(my oldest daughter) out of love and wanting to help them get their dream wedding that they so deserve. Their names are Ty and Michelle and they work many hours a week and are putting themselves through University as well as paying all the many bills that go with life. We haven’t been able to help out a whole lot with the education funds. We would love them to have their dream wedding and this would be a wonderful contest to win. Voting is the key..Being a Vet with a major loss of funds through the SISIP Clawback...a free wedding of 100 people would be wonderful. They have gotten through the first round of votes and it’s now down to the top ten finalists..I attached the link below and again their names are Ty and Michelle. If you go to the website you can find them...their video...shows them sitting on an elephant. Voting started at midnight and continues until May 30th..I was kind of hoping some vets could throw a vote here and there..any suggestions how to go about this? It seems kind of a minimal issue compared to what others are going through, so not sure if this is a good idea or not. I don’t want to beg, just thought the Vet Community could help us out a bit..with a vote..You can vote as often as you like any time of day. Thanks and please let me know what you think and or if you have a suggestion. If you tell me to bark up a tree, I fully understand..Regards,
Sgt(ret’d)Sue Macdonald

Your new website is wonderful and the letter I sent you from Minister MacKay, seems to be making its rounds..That is awesome..thanks for spreading that word. How is the Baby?"
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