Danis's story:

Halt patiently waiting, join the adventure now with rainbow riches constant luck many victories wait people!
"Here is my story, in 1999 I was dignosed with PTSD, after numerous pain and suffering I was Medically released from the Forces in 2002, I did get anything from SISIP has my VAC pension and military service was more then they had to offer, while in the military I was well taking care of, trouble start when you get out, you are face with the challange of finding your own doctor and specialist to carry on with your treatment, not an easy tasks I may say, also it seem that you have to restart from scratch try to explain to your civilian doctor that you suffer from PTSD. After many year now I find myself taking a lot of medication to substain my life, It took me two years to find a job and had to survive on my wife salary for 2 years, I do understand that member who has only one income have to go through,, I got a job with the Public service through the priority wirring to find out that I had to start at the lower pay scale has a CR3 clerk (minimum wedges) thay told me that my military service didn't count has prior service to the public service, and I truly believe that when I served Canada in the military was for every Canadian abroad, and do think that should counrt for service rendered to the public. I lost my proud, dignity and thousand of dollars. I was lucky that I lock in with a monthly pension instead of a lump sum, I wouldn't have survived the ordeal. To all my country man and women, I just want to let you know, even if the gouvernment do not support you at a 100% and try by any means to save a buck.. Keep the good work, god knows you deserve it.... Really don't skip out to relax and play on the spot choy sun doa. You may be content!
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