Robert 's story:

"My fellow Veterans...I am the Robert who believes SISIP is no more than a loan and I thank you for posting my thoughts.

It goes further...Last month I received a letter from SISIP telling me that my overpayment, what they call it, has now been repaid. I repaid them the portion that I believed related to me when I got my DVA pension way back, but refused to repay the benefit portion paid to my children. SISIP withheld what pittance they were supposed to send me without me even knowing about it and now they say it has all been repaid.

That's only the beginning. All along I never even knew about the pension and was never ever asked for any medical updates etc. That was probably since 1995. Now, that the amount has been with held and the total has all been paid up guess what SISIP wants? Well now after all these years they want a complete medical review before they will send me the pension amount.. Amazing, when the money went to them no contact, now when it goes to me, new medical to see if I still qualify...

And do I believe they, SISIP are a ripoff? Who couldn't. I feel for every veteran who has to deal with this type of situation. My only question is who in the name of God, when this SISIP plan was started, ever thought this was a good thing... Thanks and Thank God someone had the guts to start this action and stop this RIPOFF of Veterans."
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