Brian's story:

"I was medically released from the CF in 2004 for PTSD from my tour in Bosnia 1992-93. I started recieving VA pension as well as SISIP LTD in 2004.
I just finished paying off SISIP an over-payment of $6,406.01 becuase I recieved a increase in my VA Pension. I just started recieving CPP_Disabilty and had to pay another over-payment of $8,888.00 to SISIP.

I am glad that the courts are in our favor this has to stop. I pay $55.20 a month into SISIP only to recieve $124.00 a month hardley worth while, but when your on a fixed income every penny counts. Please make them pay back every cent from the day I started to recieve LTD"
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