Brian's story:

"In 2009 I took a layoff from my job. I started to receive EI benefits but got sick in July 2009. I then applied for sick benefits through EI but my benefits went from 54 weeks to 27 weeks. I still think the sick guy needs the benefits longer than the healthy guy - but apparently not. I applied for CPP Disability and then found out that the Gov't would clawback $560/month off my pension, so I cancelled my request for CPP Disability and applied for CPP at a reduced rate. Could not afford the clawback. Anyway, I figured I would deal with the clawback at age 65 if I was still alive - the lesser of two evils. It feels so good to be loved by my Country (warm fuzzy feeling). Good luck on your fight with the Gov't over the legal robbery of our pensions. "
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