Dorina's story:

"My husband was a Veteran and passed away in 1976 he applied for his disabily pension and he had been approved after years of trying but sadly passed away and me his widow had 8 children with him most were grown except 3. I tried to recieve and fight for what i know he deserved but had no sucess i lived on welfare until i tried fighting for what we deserved and it took along time except i did recieve 900 a month for him as a pension but when i turned 65 i had to choose to go on old age security and lost alot all these years because they said i could only recieve one pension. I now only recieve 232.32 amonth from Veteran affairs for my husband disabilty which is very sad.My daughter Denise helped me get at least that amount as she is disabled and also my son Sylvio he lives in a home and my other son passed away in 98. Denise was approved in the late 90`s and never recieved one penny. Please help im not young anymore and we need help or are they just waiting till everyone dies! This is truly unfair. Thank you i would be so greatfull if someone can help us.As i dont know what to do anymore. "
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