Cheryl's story:

"I was released (3b Medical) in Dec 2004. Before release I was encouraged to apply to VA for injuries sustained during my military career (24 yrs) which I did. I was receiving a top-up from SISIP (Manulife Insurance) (approx $1300) to bring my monthly income to 75% of my post retirement monthly income. Imagine my surprise when I received a monthly allowance from VA and a backdated cheque and then SISIP/Manulife wanted a large portion of the cheque and recalculated my monthly 'top-up' including the VA allowance as income. I sent them a cheque for the amount they said I owed them. A few years later I was given an allowance and a backpay cheque for PTSD. This time I refused to send them the funds they said I owed them. They stopped paying their portion of the 'top-up' . When they had recovered what I refused to pay them I started receiving $300 a month . As per Manulife's requirements I was forced to apply for Canada Pension Disability in 2006. I was refused so they continued my monthly payments. In 2010 I was again forced to file for CP Disability. By this time I had suffered a relapse with my PTSD and my therapist wrote a convincing enough report that my CP Disability was approved. Manulife was sent a cheque for $7K and change before I even got my portion of the settlement . Manulife then notified me that they would no longer be sibsidizing my monthly income. I wouldn't even know how to calculate the amount that SISIP/Manulife ripped me off for. I know that many more of my comrades are in the same situation. It just seems that when you are finished your service to your country the GOVERNMENT doesn't care if we sink or swim!
Carry the torch!"
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