David's story:

"I am too disabled to keep abreast of all SISIPs dealings I only know that DVA represetaves warn me that if I try to find work, or ake any effort to gain Rehab when SISIP finds out they will have leagal option to disqualifiy my SISIP disability suplment as I then would be showing sings of improved health and if I belive I can return to any kind of work "SISIP can and will stop" my " your 75% top up." That is a fearful discouraging and disapointing afront to any VET. It is true that I may have only three or four hours of ability a day, but I do have them.. I cannot return to full time work so I am not eligable for Rehab what kind of Bullshit disability benifit is this?
CPL DGRANT. (R'td))"
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