Howard's story:

"There must be something gone off course with SISIP. Having signed up as a Gunner 1954/Infmn 1955-66/CbtClk 1966-94, serving overseas with NATO/UN missions for 14 years. Now at 74 years, was looking forward to a paid up life policy to bury the remains. Now to be informed that at 75 years of age the policy is voided, nothing -- no paid-up policy.

While serving I had requested a SISIP disability pension after having been injured and returned from Cyprus in 1954 for spinal surgery, and was awarded a 3b medical release requested a SISIP benefit but was told because I was not 100% disabled there was no claim. I fought the medical release and it was cancelled and I was transferred to Adm Clk. Continued serving until July 93, both overseas and in Canada. On release in 1993, the coverage was changed to 120 K Life Insurance because
I was unable to secure employment mainly because of medical issues and disabilities due to military service. Since reaching CRA at age 55, the life insurance coverage has cost, at times over two hundred dollars a month for 120 K . The premium cost were extreme for our budget, and my wife and I were forced to reduce the coverage to 20 K each for my wife and myself. I have been informed that when I reach 75 in 16 months and the year my wife reaches 75 the 20 K will terminate. Nothing, no paid up policy, nothing for all these years of paying into the plan, thousands of dollars.

As a field infantry soldier over 39 years in the ranks was subjugated to extended periods of hardship which had an effect on my physical and mental health, in the end at 75 years of supporting SISIP through premiums the coverage will end 24 March 2013. Then to be handed a bail out ... NOTHING more than smoke and mirrors. On both occasions after paying religiously into SISIP from 1966 to 2013 the final result getting nothing by any standards -- disappointing.

I guess in a way this is not a "Claw Back", because, I did all the giving and got nothing in return.

From a heart broken old soldier.

Howie Pierce
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