Paul's story:

"Here we go again. I was forced out in 99 after 25 years with a medical release. Was granted medical pension which SISIP clawed back. Was released in December and school did not start till September and they only covered for two years and I had to do my last semester on my own. During this time I lost my house, my truck and my pride. Now after working through all that, I went to work last year but my knees gave out again. Had to undergo retraining again, SISIP kicked in and assisted with school. Was given 75% pay with the claw back, but this was based on my pay from 1999, not what I was making now.

So here we go again, just barely keeping my head above water and they won't give me a card so I can get food and gas for the same price as 99. I tried to get a government job, as they said veterans have priority but was informed that I don't qualify as I was released before 2006. Guess anyone who retired before then is not a veteran. My boys wanted to join the forces and I strongly advised against it. Told them Walmart or MacDonalds would treat them better then serving their country.

Good luck to all. Pro Patria "
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