Dave's story:

"I was medically retired from the combat arms in Oct 2001 after 23+ years of faithful and dedicated service to our Governments and Canada. I have read many of the stories of the ones who have been severely affected by the SISIP claw back and I have had many of the same experiences while going through the same process of receiving money from one source (DVA) only to pay back to another (SISIP) and walking away from it all with what seemed like less in my pocket than when I started.

All of this taking place while trying to be rehabilitated through the SISIP Re-Hab program, which much of the success was in part due to the case worker assigned to assist me. He did a phenomenal job in taking care of me, as I could not imagine where I would be without his support. He was able to work the system within SISIP to provide as much as possible in the way of support, but could not change the fact that SISIP kept clawing back the money when it could.

The stress level over those couple of years 2001-2003 was something I would not wish upon anyone, yet still I see from the stories and news that it is still happening. And it is happening to a lot of people.

For those that may read these stories and try to understand, unless you have gone through such, many of you can not imagine the stress it causes not knowing if you have enough money to support your family and at the same time, trying to cope with the pain and discomfort your body is going though second by second. I have not been without physical and mental pain since 1996.

As I had to deal with my PTSD at the same time, I can say that a lot of time I was on the edge looking into the abyss and only the thought of my family pulled me back. All because of the additional stress that was produced by the SISIP clawing back the money and leaving me not knowing how my family and I would make ends meet!

Even now as I write this, I find myself once again feeling the dread that was almost over whelming and I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have gotten a job and have some financial security. Still the memories are still sharp and cutting to say the least.
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