Frank 's story:

"dead veterans are low maintenance, live veterans are lowly maintained.

on my transit to somalia in 92 we coincided with remembrance day. i was on watch when the address system erupted with "lets have a moment of silence to remember, while the on- board padre tosses a wreath into the sea". we stayed at our posts as there was NO actual assembly of the crew and no real ceremony! this is what i meant by low maint for the dead vets. we are on the way to a war zone on a war ship and this is all we did to remember?. anything more would have been an inconvenience.
many years later, after my participation in morgue duties on the swiss air clean up i was diagnosed with chronic severe ptsd that stemmed from service in somalia many years earlier and was processed out of my job. my then wife could not handle, understand, or tolerate my behavior, calling it cruel and unusual and used that to bypass the one year waiting period to a quick divorce.
i lost my job because i lost my mind, then i lost my family and home.
had to start over, car, house, furniture appliances etc... LIVING...adjusting, accepting daily frustrations and reminders.
if you loose a finger or a limb or your sight , there is compensation for that, a dollar value has been placed on these things. NONE for losing your mind!.
vac gives me a disability pension to help with sudden loss of income and such... thank you.
sisip, {run by govt. and forced to be paid into by members} uses that as an out to avoid giving me what was owed.
i gave to my country, but i am still alive, and by this virtue i continue to still give every day.
my own govt. and there fore my own country has accepted my sacrifice, aknowleged it, and then banished me to a life style not coalescent with the THANKS that i , and others got.
if my voice could be heard i would tell the warriors not to go in harms way because you will tossed aside when your usefulness is done !.
this is how the govt, for the people by the people... treat those in good faith, ( sarcasm)
i would go so far as to suggest, nay, FORBID my offspring to serve their country, sad to say!.
my standard of living has been capped.

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