Dan 's story:

"Yes, like others I was hit by this as well. I was medically released, and as I was told I applied for SISIP, and Canada Disability. My pension came in and SISIP. About a year later the Canada Disability came in and I was told I had to pay BACK all the SISIP because I could not receive both. As well, the Clawback was thrown at me, and I lost half my pension thanks to the clawback , AND had to REPAY the supposed overpayment dating back to my release date.
There is no way this should be allowed, and unlike was reported in Parliament, I was not told this would happen. In fact, the opposit. I was told what my pension woud be, my SISIP, my VA benefits and Canada Disability should it be granted. My Retirement was planned and based on this and what I was told on release. Then a year and a half after release my world falls apart. The SISIP is gone, my pension is cut in half, and I have to repay ...... The income from the granted Canada Disability dosen't even come close to replacing any of that. My Retirement income is less than half of what I was told it would be. The mortgage and bills continue and eventually something is gonna have to give.
I gave 35 years to the Military and only left when medically released else I would have stayed in.
This is the thanks I get from our Goverment, while they keep voting in raises for themselves."
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