Gary Insley's story:

"I agree that the VAC Earnings Loss Benefit needs to be included in this action. While going through my medical release (over 3 years to be finalized) I transferred over to Class A reserves. Little did I know just how bad that decision was until I was placed in the rehab program and "offered" the wage loss benefit. It seems that, regardless of the fact that I am no longer able to work at all due to my wounds, the VA will only pay me 75% of $2000 which is all they will pay a class A reservist. They will not pay me at the pay scale rate for my rank on release. Then the VA deducts my disability pension from the $1500 a month. Which leaves me with the grand total of Nothing for an Earnings Loss Benefit! I have to try and live on my disability pension which by the way does not increase if you are unable to work at all. I have spent my life savings to live day to day and soon will face being homelessness. I can't work, I'm waiting for more surgery on my lower spine, and yet the VA will not increase my pension.

So be warned if you are thinking of releasing, or have released, do NOT go into the reserves. "
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