Albert 's story:

"Released Dec, 17, 2007, medical reasons. PTSD and was later declared INVALID. I received a phone call from a Mrs. Mousson (Moonson) and she told me over the phone that I had nothing to do, that my Long Term Diseability would be paid. Later on the same week, I received a letter fom her confirming what she already told me. But I've never received a penny. After numerous phone calls, (I got the Merry go Round System.) talking to more than 5 people. I was told that because I entitled to a pension. SISIP will not pay. This is a rip-off, they aren't better than a thief that would come into my house and steal things . The Government has to do something about SISIP and fast...I've paid like all the military members (who are still paying their premiums) something that was presented to me as an insurance... Now, it's payback time.. SISIP move your [self], get your fingers out of your nose and do what is the right thing to do... Pay all the Veterans that are waiting on their allowances to have a decent life. I went where my Government and the DND told me to go, never complained, shut my mouth and did a very good job, wherever I was. Now, it's justice time..."
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