Les's story:

"After serving in the Reserves for 36 years (last 14 being full time) I was injured and promptly processed as 3B med release. I figured that if I bought back the reserve pension and with the VA that I was receiving I would be OK. Not the case after I was told that SISIP would look after me with rehab and a 75% top up, no mention of the clawback of the VA nor nothing about a clawback of the pension that I stripped out my RRSP's and gratuity to pay for to the tune of over 100K. Well after two years of fighting the pension people with help from other vets they approved me and sent me a lump sum for the two years that I have been out. Today I received a letter stating that SISIP wants over 40K which is twice what I received for the lump sum. Come on this was my money that I put up front to the Canadian Gov and it will take me five years to get it back. There is no justification here. Will be in the hole for the next 15 years trying to pay it back."
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