Veteran Stories

In 2011, it is important to consider who are Canada's veterans:

In Canada, a veteran is anyone who served in uniform in Canada’s military. Of the remaining 170,000 Second World War veterans, about 1,700 are passing away each month. This is the fact the minister and the bureaucracy want Canadians to hear — it justifies their planned cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada, mandated to care for veterans and their families.

There also are more than 680,000 veteran and current members of the Canadian Forces who never served in the Second World War, almost 10 per cent of whom are disabled. Veterans Affairs is also mandated to care for families. With more than 7,500 new CF members last year and almost 5,300 others becoming veterans, when their families are taken into account, these numbers balance out the loss of our Second World War veterans. At current rates, in approximately six years time, the number of veterans and families will be growing at least 15,000 but maybe as high 20,000 annually.

[Excerpt from Some ‘facts’ about Canada’s Veterans By: Sean Bruyea- Winnipeg Free Press]

The SISIP claw back had a real impact on the quality of life for Canada's disabled veterans and their families. The Government's claw back led to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and feelings of abandonment for our disabled veterans. In 2012, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Canada acted illegally in making deductions from veterans' long term disability benefits.

Read their stories below and please submit your own.

David's story:

"I am too disabled to keep abreast of all SISIPs dealings I only know that DVA represetaves warn me that if I try to find work, or ake any effort to gain Rehab when SISIP finds out they will have leagal option to disqualifiy my SISIP disability suplment as I then would be showing sings of improved health and if I belive I can return to any kind of work "SISIP can and will stop" my " your 75% top up…" [Read More]

Jeff's story:

"I was badly injured in 2005 while in Afghanistan, resulting in a medical release from the army. SISIP was one of the worst experiences I had. They clawed back from their insurance what VA had awarded me, and I needed to hire a lawyer to go through SISIP's paperwork to get them to pay for my schooling. I had a bad case of PTSD as well, and day-to-day functions were hard enough. My SISIP representat…" [Read More]

Robert's story:

"I truly believe that SISIP is only a loan and that we, as veterans, only get anything from them if they are sure we will get other benefits and they will get their money back.. Some Insurance...Rip off more than insurance.

That's how I feel!!!"

Howard's story:

"There must be something gone off course with SISIP. Having signed up as a Gunner 1954/Infmn 1955-66/CbtClk 1966-94, serving overseas with NATO/UN missions for 14 years. Now at 74 years, was looking forward to a paid up life policy to bury the remains. Now to be informed that at 75 years of age the policy is voided, nothing -- no paid-up policy.

While serving I had requested a SISIP disa…" [Read More]

William's story:

"I was released in 1975 on LTD from the Maritime Insurance Company and I am still getting my LTD Earning replacement, My service number is T24836827."
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