Veteran Stories

In 2011, it is important to consider who are Canada's veterans:

In Canada, a veteran is anyone who served in uniform in Canada’s military. Of the remaining 170,000 Second World War veterans, about 1,700 are passing away each month. This is the fact the minister and the bureaucracy want Canadians to hear — it justifies their planned cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada, mandated to care for veterans and their families.

There also are more than 680,000 veteran and current members of the Canadian Forces who never served in the Second World War, almost 10 per cent of whom are disabled. Veterans Affairs is also mandated to care for families. With more than 7,500 new CF members last year and almost 5,300 others becoming veterans, when their families are taken into account, these numbers balance out the loss of our Second World War veterans. At current rates, in approximately six years time, the number of veterans and families will be growing at least 15,000 but maybe as high 20,000 annually.

[Excerpt from Some ‘facts’ about Canada’s Veterans By: Sean Bruyea- Winnipeg Free Press]

The SISIP claw back had a real impact on the quality of life for Canada's disabled veterans and their families. The Government's claw back led to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and feelings of abandonment for our disabled veterans. In 2012, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Canada acted illegally in making deductions from veterans' long term disability benefits.

Read their stories below and please submit your own.

Gary's story:

"I had an outstanding career in the Navy until 1999 when I became severely depressed, suicidal and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. My Commanding Officer found it necessary to expedite my 5D release (Unfit) before my posting to SPHL and 3B release could be actioned. In Aug 2002, after completing 19.5 years of service, I was released (dishonourably), and due to harassment, embarrassment and dep…" [Read More]

Gryphon 59's story:

"I served proudly for 20 yrs until I was shown the door in 2003 with PTSD (severe), depression (severe,acute) and suicidal ideation due to a tour to Bosnia under the UN. What SISIP offered was two years of school before cut-off. You all know that. By the time my two year limit had expired, nothing had changed for me medically. I had a hard enough time keeping my head on straight let alone go ba…" [Read More]

Steve 's story:

"(The following is a point of view by Journalist Ruth Davenport, Nov. 2008 that never saw the light of day due to lack of interest in the Media Community as well as the general population of this country, and I have the publisher's permission to distribute this report as I see fit~!!)

When military veteran Dennis Manuge stood [alone in the woods with his Labs for Remembrance Day,] he was thinkin…" [Read More]

Kathy's story:

"Due to an injury in 1996 I had been left with 5 damaged discs in my back and also a broken wrist. This was in boot camp. This was my second "tour" of basic training as I have had 6 years of navy duty back in the 80's and because I had been out for more than 5 years, I had to do basic training again, (which I didn't mind because I absolutly loved it the first time around! Sunset Platoon - 1984, G…" [Read More]

Tanya 's story:

"Myself, after completing 22 years of dedicated service, I have never received "1 dime" from SISIP, because, apparently they have combined my VAC award (Non Taxable), CPPD(Taxable) and CFSA(Taxable), as a combined income. I retired a (MCPL in 2003.. Therefore, SISIP after approving me for "Long Term Disability", told me I make to much money, as they are the last payer. Therefore, "Long Term Disab…" [Read More]
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