Veteran Stories

In 2011, it is important to consider who are Canada's veterans:

In Canada, a veteran is anyone who served in uniform in Canada’s military. Of the remaining 170,000 Second World War veterans, about 1,700 are passing away each month. This is the fact the minister and the bureaucracy want Canadians to hear — it justifies their planned cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada, mandated to care for veterans and their families.

There also are more than 680,000 veteran and current members of the Canadian Forces who never served in the Second World War, almost 10 per cent of whom are disabled. Veterans Affairs is also mandated to care for families. With more than 7,500 new CF members last year and almost 5,300 others becoming veterans, when their families are taken into account, these numbers balance out the loss of our Second World War veterans. At current rates, in approximately six years time, the number of veterans and families will be growing at least 15,000 but maybe as high 20,000 annually.

[Excerpt from Some ‘facts’ about Canada’s Veterans By: Sean Bruyea- Winnipeg Free Press]

The SISIP claw back had a real impact on the quality of life for Canada's disabled veterans and their families. The Government's claw back led to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and feelings of abandonment for our disabled veterans. In 2012, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Canada acted illegally in making deductions from veterans' long term disability benefits.

Read their stories below and please submit your own.

J. Garlick's story:

"I have suffered many minor wounds throughout my 20+ years service, so much so that i was receiving my disability award while I was still serving. This amounted to $1,000.00 plus my salary every month.
Upon my medical retirement I asked "why does SISIP not recognize my VAC pension as income to calculate LTD but then they turn around and counted it as income after I was released? I can't for the …" [Read More]

Airborne Soldier's story:

"Had to laugh, Recieved a retroactive cheaque from CPP disability recognizing my disability as Long term. Not only does SISIP want the portion they have paid me in the last 17months, but they want it all!!!!! That's right CPP has awarded me more than SISIP was paying me. Therefor they feel as though they are automatically going to get it. Well SISIP reps, Mr Mckay and all other Spineless con…" [Read More]

RED's story:

"I don't need your sympathies nor do i ask.
i am only writing this on this page as i have been asked to do so by Mr Driscoll and the Leave no Vet Behind team.

My story is simple. Malfeasance.
I was a good cadet, played the bagpipes and earned my Gold Star. I joined the reserves to kill the time between my application for regular employment completed. 3months into the reserve and 6 months away …" [Read More]

Gerry 's story:

"August 4,1991 I was the flight engineer on a Sea King helicopter that crashed in Schenectady,New York. As a result of this horrific crash I broke my back, during the egress of the crashed heicopter I also pulled two of my fellow crew members to safety. I was told on many occasions I should of received the medal of bravery,last year when I applied, I was told that too much time had passed and was d…" [Read More]

Robert 's story:

"It's amazing how fast your life can change, while I was posted to CFB Esquimalt in 2001 During my yearly fitness test I wrote down that to fulfill my daily fitness commitment I would ride my bicycle to work every day, one afternoon in 2001 I was struck by a S.U.V. while commuting. I was severely injured and my injuries include severe brain trauma leading to a seizure disorder and memory problems, …" [Read More]
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